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Designed with Designers in Mind – The Power of the New J850 3D Printer

The designers’ world demands work across real-time, dynamic environments filled with innovation. But on the road to innovation, many often lack the right tools to power each stage of their creative process.

The design process – with its spiraling progression and many back and forth steps – typically can be divided to three high-level stages of creation: Initial concept, detailed design and final design. Navigating these stages often requires switching technologies when creating new models or advancing iterations. This additionally includes a complex communication and collaboration infrastructure across internal and external decision-makers (design, engineering, product, marketing and manufacturing). Quite often, the result is time-to-market delays and higher costs as feedback is communicated and potential flaws are fixed.

Designers additionally must navigate design intent across two very different mediums – evaluating geometric shapes with a physical single-color model, and considering color and texture on the screen using rendering software. Not surprisingly, it’s not exactly easy bringing these two visions together.

3D printing has the power to create the most realistic prototypes and designs – delivering models that look just like the design intent the designer had in mind. That’s because true 3D printing taps into vibrant colors and materials to boost part realism – a “must” for streamlining design processes and simplifying workflows. Unfortunately, the technology hasn’t quite met these goals. UNTIL NOW.

The New Stratasys J850 3D Printer is “Designed for Designers”

The Stratasys J850 3D Printer pushes the boundaries of realism by speaking in the language of designers and setting a new standard for each one of the design stages. Users can iterate faster and drive more accurate decisions for a better product.

The J850 works as an end-to-end solution and is the best fit for each one of the design stages:

  • Concept Design: During this step, designers examine the shape of the potential product. The J850 allows users to print accurate repeatable geometries faster at a reduced price. With a Super High Speed Mode, designers can create concept models at accelerated speeds. More models presented at concept design means extra time for part refinement. Additionally, the introduction of DraftGrey gives users access to a material for low-cost, rapid iterations for use early in the design process.
  • Detailed Design: In this phase, designers seek to examine fine model details (such as internal features) and color. The J850 helps start Color Material Finished Design (CMF) weeks sooner to generate more iterations with less hassle. A new VeroUltraClear material 3D prints in extreme clarity to visualize internal features and create concept models that verify the design of clear parts. PANTONE Validated™ color additionally builds in a universal language of color for consistent, reliable, and realistic decision-making at every stage.  
  • Final Design: It’s here users seek the most realistic prototype possessing the actual look and feel of the finished product with reflection of clear design intent to bring models to life. The J850 achieves this with an ability to 3D print seven materials simultaneously to enable a full range of color, transparency, and flexibility – all in a single part.

The J850 truly speaks the language of designers to push the boundaries of brilliant design and realism. Creating the models that fully reflect original design intent, the technology can now drive the fastest and most accurate design decisions to ultimately deliver a better finished product.

While 3D printing certainly has the potential to unlock unmatched innovation and design freedom, current technologies quite often fail to live up to designer expectations. The new J850 is built to remove these roadblocks and give designers everything they’ve been asking for – and quite a bit more.

Want to learn more about how the J850 is powering a new era in design? Visit the J850 web page.

Tomer Gallimidi

Tomer Gallimidi

Tomer Gallimidi is a Senior Product Manager at Stratasys , the world leader in 3D printing. With more than a decade of technology and product experience, he is widely considered an industry authority on the business use-cases of Additive Manufacturing across a broad range of industries.

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