A New Chapter and My New Role at Stratasys

In the 1980s while running a former company I co-founded with my wife, Lisa, I was frustrated with the long lead times needed for prototypes of new product designs, which pushed our time-to-market out. This frustration was the impetus to create the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process and my firs … [Read more...]

3D Printing Milestone – Print Your Own Replacement Parts

I learned recently that a Swedish company called Teenage Engineering has started offering its customers 3D CAD files as blueprints to make their own replacement parts. It’s the first company I’m aware of that has taken this step, so I see it as a significant milestone for the industry. It’s somethin … [Read more...]

Emma’s Story is an Example of How Engineers Contribute

You may have seen it by now. The video of 4-year-old Emma who couldn’t use her arms to eat, play or hug until a custom exoskeleton was 3D printed to fit her. It’s just one example of how engineers contribute to society. Although engineers and designers strive to create devices that improve upon pr … [Read more...]

3D Printer's 10-Year Anniversary Reveals a Changed Landscape

Stratasys recently observed the 10-year anniversary of the Dimension 3D Printer line. The Dimension laid the foundation for the 3D printing revolution we see today. This model drove adoption by bringing 3D printing to a whole new demographic that previously couldn't access the technology. In the e … [Read more...]

Commited to Design and Manufacturing Engineers

BusinessWeek.com profiled 3D printing this week on its CEO Tech Guide section, and in it, a group of articles and multimedia explores the 3D printing process (also known as additive manufacturing) from several viewpoints. It’s compelling information that discusses the technology's uses, ranging from … [Read more...]

Innovate to Survive. Innovate to Thrive

You’ve heard it before: the advice to innovate to thrive. And in a challenging economy, you may need to innovate just to survive. Nothing gives me a sense of pride more than to hear of a company innovating and thriving with the aid of Stratasys FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Technology. An article[Read more...]

University Study of 3D Printed Materials is Good for Industry

In August, Stratasys announced that England's Loughborough University had completed independent studies on plastic parts created by the FDM additive manufacturing process, using ABS plastic and polycarbonate. This may be exciting news for us, but it has greater implications for the design and manufa … [Read more...]

Autodesk's Kowalski says 3D printing is making design & mfg accessible to all

By Scott Crump, CEO of StratasysForbes Magazine recently published an interview with Autodesk's VP and CTO, Jeff Kowalski, on the subject of 3D printing and how it will affect manufacturing going forward. Autodesk is the world’s largest CAD software company. Kowalski is in a good position to speak o … [Read more...]

3D Printing May Help Revive US Manufacturing

 By Scott Crump  The United States has led the world for about 100 years but China is projected to surpass the US in total manufacturing output this year. Mark Mills has an interesting article on Forbes.com: “Manufacturing, 3D Printing and What China Knows About the Emerging American Century” that s … [Read more...]

Failure is the Path to Success -- in 3D Printing and in Life

As a teenager learning to waterski at a friend’s cabin one summer, I envied the guys on the lake who could do deep cuts, spraying a wall of water 15 feet high. Yet, afraid to fall down, I was content to safely ski between the dual wakes of water from the boat. That summer, my friend’s dad taught us … [Read more...]