3D Printed Device Wins Praise For Robotics Team


When it comes to getting kids involved with engineering at a young age, the FIRST Robotics Competition is unmatched. I attended this year’s Minnesota regional competition, where I learned that the number of high school robotics teams has now surpassed the number of high school boys’ hockey teams in … [Read more...]

3D Printing Meets Winter Sports

3D printing embraces the “dream big” philosophy through which, in my opinion, everybody should live. And employees at Stratasys are no exception. Ryan Chase, Stratasys cost accountant, is an avid snowmobile fan.  While searching for some cost effective, after-market side wind deflectors for his Y … [Read more...]

FDM Training Devices Save Money and Lead to Better Teaching


Training those who will work with or maintain complex customized equipment (think military aircraft or large construction equipment) often means turning them loose on the real thing. But when the only purpose is to give the trainees a good sense of components’ location, look and feel, why tie up an … [Read more...]

Incorporating Screw Threads into Fused Deposition Modeling Parts

Incorporating Screw Threads Into FDM Parts Screw threads are one of the most common components used for fastening parts in an assembly or attaching pipe tubing together. Here are five ways to incorporate screw threads into Fused Deposition Modeling parts, followed by some useful applications. Thr … [Read more...]