Additive Manufacturing Speeds Design Changes For Leptron


Companies that produce unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have been quick to take advantage of additive manufacturing (AM) to generate rapid iterations of complex designs to increase performance and reduce time to market. AM also enables many UAS manufacturers to manufacture in low volume while meeting c … [Read more...]

Additive Manufacturing: Faster, Cheaper Than Composite Layup For KMC


Additive manufacturing (AM) has been used as a design tool for two decades in the aerospace industry. In more recent years it has become firmly entrenched in the downstream product lifecycle including functional testing, tooling, jigs and fixtures, production and maintenance. For example, by using A … [Read more...]

Excerpt 4: Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System (Time is Money)

When making a business case to purchase an additive manufacturing system the primary focus is usually on the money that can be saved. Another benefit that is more difficult to quantify is the ability to produce prototypes faster, which in turn can result in the ability to get your product to market … [Read more...]

Excerpt 3: Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System (If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again)

The simplest way to make a case to purchase an additive manufacturing system is to show that money can be saved by replacing existing prototyping and manufacturing methods. It’s more difficult to quantify the enormous benefits of producing more prototypes or of making production parts. For example, … [Read more...]

Excerpt 2: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System (Don’t Rock the Boat)

You know an additive manufacturing system can benefit your operation. But when building a business case for system purchase, be careful not to overstate the benefits or state them in a way that will threaten key players in your organization. A Stratasys white paper addresses how to create a business … [Read more...]

Excerpt 1: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System

Frontline engineers usually have no difficulty seeing the value of an additive manufacturing system, but convincing the executives who must sign off on the capital expense is more difficult. A white paper is available to help designers, engineers and product managers make the business case for a sys … [Read more...]

If We Can't Guilt You into Recycling, Can we Bribe You with an iPad?

When you see how much impact a simple act of recycling 3D printer material carriers has, it's hard to resist doing good. Consider this:Recycling 10 Fortus filament canisters is the equivalent of removing a car from the road for one week.Recycling one Fortus or Dimension 3D printer filament cartridge … [Read more...]

Think recycling material carriers has no impact? Here's a shocker!

To get an idea of the importance of recycling your 3D printer carriers, consider this:A 60-watt bulb can be lit for 5 days on the energy saved by recycling one steel FDM/Fortus filament canister!The Stratasys Consumable Recycling Program has been expanded from Europe and the US to Canada. The progra … [Read more...]

Finished Urbee body Unvieled - First 3D Printed Auto Body

Last year Stratasys announced it had partnered with KorEcologic to produce the first 3D printed car body for the Urbee – a 200 mpg hybrid fueled by gas, ethanol, or free solar power from a panel on your garage roof. Last week at the TEDxWinnepeg conference, KorEcologic treated the crowd to an unveil … [Read more...]

Excerpt 4: Thermoplastics: The Best Choice for 3D Printing (ULTEM 9085 and PPSF/PPSU handle the critical applications)

ULTEM 9085 and polyphenylsulfone (PPSF / PPSU) are two super materials that stretch the limits of FDM by handling demanding applications that are beyond the limits of conventional materials. ULTEM 9085 has the highest tensile and flexural strength of any FDM material and also satisfies flame, smoke … [Read more...]