Stratasys Hits the Slopes with 3D Printed Skis

3d printed skis

Not all the winter sports records are being set in Sochi. Here’s one fresh from Lake Tahoe! Stratasys co-founder, chairman and chief innovation officer Scott Crump recently braved the slopes to test a pair of what are believed to be the first fully functional 3D printed skis (watch the clip at th[Read more...]

Wired’s 400-Pound Comic-Con Robot has a 3D Printed Face

01 Jul. 20 20.22

Aiming to steal the cosplay spotlight at this year’s Comic-Con, Wired magazine called on Hollywood big guns Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects to build the pulse-quickening giant robot in this video. The team had just 24 days to build the 9.5-foot-tall, human-controlled mechanized suit with c … [Read more...]

Stratasys 3D Printed Models Dubbed Coolest at AMUG 2013

amug, bicycle, coolest models

The most valuable praise comes from experts, so we’re thrilled to see how much attention the Stratasys display drew at last month’s Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference. When Jake Ervin of IMTS scoured the event for the 10 coolest parts to highlight in this video, nine of … [Read more...]

Get in on this 3D Printing Design Contest is in the midst of a four-week competition to pick a great 3D model, and prizes are many. Last week's three winners each nabbed $100 and had their designs printed on a Mojo 3D Printer. Judges will pick two more rounds of weekly winners before someone takes home the $2,000 grand prize. … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: What's your toughest test?

Last week, I visited Minimizer, a Minnesota company that designs and manufactures fenders for heavy trucks. These folks pride themselves on the tough testing they perform throughout product development, including rapid prototyping with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) parts. I got to see a mechanical … [Read more...]

ULTEM 9085 Now in Black

ULTEM 9085, the high-performance 3D printing thermoplastic that resists heat, flame and chemicals and has impressive mechanical strength, is now available in black. ULTEM was already pretty darn useful in its original tan color — great for aircraft interior parts and automotive prototypes because … [Read more...]

Students 3D Print a Working Ukulele


This is cool: A team of RIT rapid prototyping students 3D printed a working ukulele. Their assignment was to design, build and play a musical instrument, and they picked a uke because they wanted something they could tune. To amp up the challenge, they designed a color, 3D school mascot for the to … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: How many cartridges do you recycle each year?

The Stratasys consumables recycling program lets FDM machine users recycle the canisters, cartridges and Print Engines that deliver filament to their Fortus 3D Production Systems, Dimension 1200es and Elite 3D Printers, and Mojo 3D Printers. (uPrint spool parts can go to local recycling facilities.) … [Read more...]

3D Printing Helps Silgan Design Sweet Container, Save Money Doing It

When Cargill was ready to introduce a new sweetener, it wanted a package that communicated with the consumer. One that said: "Hold me. Spoon me. Display me in your home." So it called on Silgan Plastics, which offers creative design and engineering services for its packaging clients, including th … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: How has your job evolved?

Advances in technology, a changing economy and an evolving work force make professional life more dynamic than ever -- especially in technical feilds. New opportunities and scary, wonderful new ways of getting work done might come in great bounds, but more often these changes take place incrementall … [Read more...]