Dream the Impossible Drone (and 3D Print It)

The RDASS 4 is a remotely piloted, 3D printed helicopter from Leptron. The little five-pound drone contains modular, nesting layers. Depending on purpose, these clever interchangeable layers stack inside the fuselage to provide tailored functionality. Applications include flying ahead of armored veh … [Read more...]

Medical-Device Manufacturing Can be Lean With DDM

A new mindset has made Acist Medical Systems more agile than ever. A medical-device manufacturer with a clinical presence in more than 40 countries, Acist specializes in contrast injection systems. Its devices let caregivers in cardiology and radiology infuse dye into the vascular system so doctors … [Read more...]

CEO Guide Clues Executives in to 3D Printing

“We get rid of waste. We only print the things that people actually want,” says Autodesk Labs vice president Brian Mathews in part of Bloomberg Businessweek’s CEO Guide to 3D Printing. The collection of articles, photos and multimedia aims to clue the corner office in to what engineers have known fo … [Read more...]

FDM Prototypes Become End-Use Parts for Marine Manufacturer

SAP, a Norwegian company that makes parts for marine environments (like oil-drilling facilities in the North Sea), bought a Fused Deposition Modeling System to save time and money in prototyping. To SAP's surprise, its prototypes were strong and attractive enough to become end-use products. SAP's m … [Read more...]

A new year -- new 3d printing industry events

Start the new year off right when you check out all the great information at any of industry events noted here. We frequently post links to events, shows and conferences centered on rapid prototyping technology, digital manufacturing, 3D printing and more, so check back often for the latest offering … [Read more...]

Think FDM is Just for Prototypes? Look Up!

Forward-looking news and information blog Big Think is out to clear up a misconception about 3D printing: that it’s only good for prototypes. Big Think editors point out that, in aerospace alone, thousands of 3D printed components are already in the skies as end-use parts on military and commercial … [Read more...]

Large Prototyping Without Compromise

At Evektor  s.r.o, headquartered at the international airport in Kunovice, Czech Republic, size is no longer an issue when it comes to producing prototypes for lightweight aircraft, automotive and consumer components. When outsourcing proved too time consuming and the costs to produce large componen … [Read more...]

Top-Rated Comedian Uses a Dimension 3D Printer. Seriously.

There’s no disputing that lifelong ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has found success with a few jokes and a cast of dolls. He stars in Comedy Central’s highest-rated series in history, and concert-industry magazine Pollstar named him the top-grossing comedy act in the world in 2009 and 2010. With an empi … [Read more...]

3D Production Systems Spur Tremendous Growth for Thogus

Until our economy turns around, will you hunker down or invest in technology?When the economy started to tank, Matt Hlavin, CEO of Thogus Products, a 61-year-old manufacturing company rooted in injection molding and heavily dependent on the automotive industry, chose not to await economic recovery, … [Read more...]

3D Printed Characters Act in Viral Commercial

Ad Week recently lauded ten commercials as the best of 2011. A few Superbowl favorites made the list, including the darling Darth Vader kid at No. 1. But what’s really got us grinning at Stratasys is the well-deserved placement of a 3D printed-model animation at No. 2. Our customer, Artem, a London- … [Read more...]