Rapid Prototyping Fits With OTTO’s Vertical Integration

As OTTO, maker of precision controls and communication devices, celebrated its 50th anniversary, it tested a new capability: in-house rapid prototyping on a Fortus 3D Production System. OTTO can design, test and manufacture devices for its demanding military, public safety, medical and commercial cl … [Read more...]

Resolution vs. Accuracy: Why You Should Care

The following post came to us from guest blogger Bonnie Meyer, senior applications engineer.As I put the finishing touches on next week’s Accuracy Myths webinar, in which I aim to end confusion between resolution and accuracy, I thought I’d share my perspective on why this topic is important.I once … [Read more...]

The Pentagon Deploys DDM

A recent Defense News article confirms it: The Pentagon is embracing direct digital manufacturing (DDM).  It makes sense. Although the stakes are much higher in defense than other fields — lives and missions rather than jobs and profits — the DOD is under the same pressures as many businesses that … [Read more...]

FDM Fixtures Speed New-Product Inspection

Wanting to get new products to market faster, but faced with a bottleneck in first-article inspection, Oreck Corporation found a new use for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).Oreck, which manufactures lightweight cleaning products, uses a coordinate-measuring machine to inspect the dozens of parts tha … [Read more...]

FDM Robot mockup helps astronauts train

Deploying a robot in space takes preparation. To help astronauts train to use Robonaut 2 (R2), a humanoid helper, aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on its final flight, engineers used RedEye On Demand's rapid prototyping service to create a full-scale, high-fidelity mockup.Created by high-tech firm … [Read more...]

Form meets function with in-house prototyping

When your corporate philosophy is to strive for 100% confidence in product functionality, lead time and expenses could prove astronomical if the right technology systems are not in place. Akaishi, of Shizuoka, Japan, develops several lines of correctional footwear as well as massage devices for the … [Read more...]

3D printer helps Tape Wrangler boost revenue

A cost reduction of 86%, coupled with 41% faster turn-around time are just two of the reasons Tape Wrangler, a Michigan-based company, is more than pleased with their in-house Dimension 3D printer. As a producer of specialty hardware products, including the popular Tape Wrangler™ heavy-duty tape di … [Read more...]

September highlights

As fall kicked into high gear, students and teachers sharpened pencils and revved up their 3D printers. Find out how one Minnesota middle school added heft to its pre-engineering curriculum with the Dimension uPrint Personal 3D Printer. Read more.Those kids might one day join the University of Minne[Read more...]

Middle schoolers’ ideas become “caffeinated” via 3D printer

Would you trust the stability of that cup of coffee you grab for the road to a 12-year old? You would if that middle-schooler had an assignment from Peter Grimm, an industrial technology teacher at Southview Middle School in Edina, MN. Grimm challenges his eighth and seventh grade pre-engineering s … [Read more...]

Creating vacuum-forming tools with Dimension 3D Printers

Thank you to our guest blogger, Nic Neath, of Formech, Inc. Dimension 3D Printing Systems have proven themselves as an efficient and cost-effective method of creating tooling for Formech’s wide range of vacuum forming machines. The combination of a Dimension 3D printer and a Formech vacuum forming m … [Read more...]