How 3D Printing Can Change Manufacturing: Personal, Augmented and Alternative


We at Stratasys heartily concur with Jeremiah Owyang’s conclusions about 3D printing’s impact on business models. 3D printing is beginning to level the playing field for manufacturers of all sizes. Businesses in many industries can compete more effectively, relying less on outsourcing through produc … [Read more...]

3D Printing: Why Manufacturers Love It


Stratasys is honored to be ringing the closing bell of the NASDAQ stock exchange today. NASDAQ is among the world’s premier financial markets and is known for trading technology sector growth-type stocks. NASDAQ has been operational since 1971; Stratasys joined the exchange in 1994. Additive manu … [Read more...]

Stratasys Travels to China with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

israel prime minister, china visit, 3d printed dragon

Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led a trade delegation to Shanghai and Beijing to discuss various technological, scientific and other commercial opportunities. Included in this delegation were representatives from Stratasys; Jonathan Jaglom, General Manager of Stratasys APJ an … [Read more...]

4D Printing: Self-Assembling Parts in Action at TED2013

skylar tibbits, 4d printing, ted 2013, self assembly

Back in February, we brought you a summary of Skylar Tibbits’ groundbreaking TED2013 presentation on 4D printing. Now you can watch Tibbits’ actual TED Talk, in which he describes the use of Stratasys Objet Connex 3D Printers to create self-assembling parts. This TED2013 presentation includes vision … [Read more...]

Building to new heights with 3D printing

stockholm city model, 3d printed stockholm

These are exciting times for architects who are pushing the technology envelope. 3D printing is not only offering new and better solutions for creating architectural models, but also changing the way buildings are built – check out this BBC article about a 3D printed canal home planned in Amsterdam. … [Read more...]

3D Printed Speakers with an LED Lightshow


A three-person engineering team from Autodesk is getting loads of attention for their amazing creation: 3D printed audio speakers, embedded with LED lights that use an app from startup LumiGeek to react to changes in sound. A multi-material Objet Connex500 3D printer by Stratasys turned this idea in … [Read more...]

Injection Molded Easter Egg using 3D Printing

injection mold easter egg

Our good friends over at Proto3000 in Canada have created this very unique 3D printed mold in our Digital ABS material (formerly known as ABS-like Digital Material). 3D printed on the Objet260 Connex - the most compact of our Connex multi-material 3D printing systems, the molds are injected with … [Read more...]

3D Printed Dress - The Video and Interview, on the Catwalk, Paris Fashion Week

Iris van herpen

Following on from our recent post, Wearable 3D Printed Dress at Paris Fashion Week - Iris van Herpen Show, here is our very own catwalk backstage interview with the creators; Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen and professor Neri Oxman from the MIT's Media Lab. In this interview we discover what … [Read more...]

Printing a 3D Printer? Well...Almost

3D printing a 3D printer

  If you follow the 3D printing space for a while then you eventually get to hear some of the less practial or sensible "future" predictions for the technology. Like this one I heard today: 3D printed steak. You'd have a 3D printer in the restaurant and the customer would simply select 'rare' … [Read more...]

Wearable 3D Printed Dress at Paris Fashion Week - Iris van Herpen Show


On Monday we experienced another first for multi-material 3D printing. For the first time ever, a multi-material 3D printed cape and skirt were featured on the Paris catwalk. Dutch designer van Herpen’s eleven-piece collection featured two 3D printed ensembles, including an elaborate skirt and ca … [Read more...]