Some Very Cool Instructables Make It Real Winners!


Well done to the winners of the Instructables Make-It-Real Challenge! This projects included interactive visual art, green technology (electric vehicles!), robotics and more. The crafters of the winning Instructables showed enormous versatility as their creations drew from many different disc … [Read more...]

Rapid Prototyping in Architecture - Virtual to Physical


Our latest architecture blog entry. By Piet Meijs, 3D Printing Expert at Rietveld Architects. In earlier posts, I talked about the bigger picture of implementing Rapid Prototyping into the practice of Architecture. But I haven't really talked about the actual process of going from a design to a p … [Read more...]

Check Out Our New Education Blog!


I'm proud to announce our brand new Education Blog on this site. Simply flip the 'education' tab at the top of this page and you will see our first dedicated education blog post. This blog is designed to show how educators, students and researchers are using Objet's 3D printing technology to advance … [Read more...]

Showing Off Some Ultra-Fine 3D Printing Details


When it comes to architectural 3D modeling, 3D print resolution is everything. Check out the ultra-fine details on this 3D printed victory arch - printed on the Objet Eden or Connex range of 3D printer in 16 micron detail using clear transparent material. (Smaller versions of this model can now also … [Read more...]

Introducing the Objet30 Pro - Professional Desktop 3D Printer

Objet30 pro_william

Well, it's the moment we've all been waiting for! Objet today announced the release and launch of our latest desktop 3D printer - the Objet3o Pro. A little bit on the film then: As you can see, I've attempted here to 'break the mold' so to speak on the traditional 'corporate' style films that we … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Objet's NEW 3D Printer! Coming to you May 22..


On the 22nd of May we're launching our latest 3D printer. All I can say for now are 3 words: Professional. Versatile. Desktop. Stay tuned to the Objet blog next week for the full launch! … [Read more...]

Fenway Park 3D Printed Model Tours Boston!


Here's the long-awaited finale to the Fenway Stadium centennial story that we brought to you a few weeks back right here on the Objet blog. You'll also find the same story printed today on the ESPN website featuring more photos of the Fenway 3D printed model. In the very cool video above we've ma … [Read more...]

Architecture Prototyping and The Software Debate - by Piet Meijs


Objet guest blogger Piet Meijs is Senior 3D Expert at Rietveld Architects, New York. The most asked question I get from architects is: "What software do you use?". The answer is always long since we don't like to limit ourselves to just one solution, but we of course have a preferred workflow, w … [Read more...]

3D Printed Fenway Park on Fox News!


Following on from our recent post Fenway Park Stadium Gets 3D Printed, here's the clip featuring the full Fenway 3D printed model on Fox Morning News, with our very own Bruce Bradshaw providing the explanation - enjoy! … [Read more...]

Fenway Park Stadium Gets 3D Printed!


As one of only two 'classic' ballparks still in use, Fenway Park is today a national icon, having served as the home of the Boston Red Sox for over a century. So to celebrate the centennial we decided to 3D entire park. The staff at Objet's Boston office managed to get hold of some … [Read more...]