Stratasys 3D Printing Allows Normal to Design, 3D Print and Deliver Customized Earphones in 2 Days!


At best, earbuds don’t fit perfectly. At worst, they’re painful and have awful sound quality. The “one size fits all” approach leaves a lot to be desired. While smartphones are innovating at a remarkable pace, their accompanying earphones aren’t keeping up. But Nikki Kaufman is here to change all … [Read more...]

Learn the 5 Ws of 3D Printing Your Own Jigs & Fixtures


If you’re looking to improve manufacturing productivity, efficiency and quality, this webinar is for you.  With additive manufacturing, jigs & fixtures, patterns and other assembly tools can be produced in just hours for a fraction of the cost of CNC produced tools.  Stratasys FDM and PolyJet 3D pri … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview with the Big Wheel in 3D Printed Automotive Manufacturing


As car manufacturers continue to discover the benefits of 3D printing for augmented manufacturing (assembly tools - jigs and fixtures) and alternative manufacturing (final end use parts), it seems like a good time to get some updates on a true 3D printed automotive phenomenon – the URBEE. We … [Read more...]

Stratasys 3D Printers Help Light Up the Developing World


The idea of leveraging renewable energy sources to bring electricity to the developing world is a potential solution to a serious global problem. Companies are using 3D printing to shape and test innovative concepts and designs that can make a difference in the lives of millions of people. … [Read more...]

3D Printed Injection Molds Help Seuffer Slash Tooling Costs By Up to 97%

Seuffer TN

Even if you don’t know it, you use hundreds of injection molded parts and products every week. The injection molding process is employed by manufacturers all over the world to produce parts in a variety of materials, most commonly thermoplastics. The metal molds or tools used in the process can cost … [Read more...]

KSTP News: 3D Printing a Manufacturing ‘Game Changer’


Proponents of 3D printing know that it’s impacting nearly every sector of the manufacturing world, spanning industries as diverse as aerospace, medical and fashion. But the influence of 3D printing, and the game changing effect it brings, is receiving more and more mainstream media coverage as addit … [Read more...]

Fortus 3D Printer Brings Golden Dragon Chopper To Life


It is not often that a manufacturing company gets its own reality TV show. However, that is exactly what happened to Orange County Choppers (OCC), a company located in Orange County, New York, that builds custom motorcycles (known as “choppers” in the motorcycle world). OCC is legendary for buildi … [Read more...]

Design Reality Creates a Better Respirator Using 3D Printing

objet connex 3d printer

In late 2012 we had the pleasure of visiting Design Reality, a highly sought-after design consultancy nestled in the picturesque hills of Denbighshire, North Wales. We were greeted by the company’s Managing Director Troy Baker and Technical Director Graham Wilson who kindly allowed us to … [Read more...]

How 3D Printing is Helping Traditional Businesses Succeed

armac martin, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, objet 3D printer

If you thought traditional manufacturing was having a hard time remaining competitive in today’s economy then this blog post is for you. In this short video case study, we meet the owners of a successful family business, Armac Martin, based in Birmingham in the UK. They’ve been making brass, stee … [Read more...]

3D Printer Creates Stunning Skyscrapers for Seoul's New Business District!


The Yongsan District  features the most expensive commercial real estate in Seoul and is planned to become the cultural as well as new business center of the city. The business district itself is comprised of 20 iconic new buildings - the centerpiece of which is the 620m tall Landmark Tower. The fir … [Read more...]