Webinar: How 3D Printing Is Transforming Surgical Procedures & Medical Devices


Amid intensifying health care challenges like rising costs, an aging population and payer focus on outcomes, 3D printing can play an integral role for medical device companies seeking an edge in innovation, physician education and training, manufacturing and sales. Join this 60-minute webinar to … [Read more...]

Stratasys Joins Delaware STEM Panel for Career Readiness

The inaugural Delaware STEM Symposium brought together STEM leaders to discuss the approach in today’s STEM programs and how educators are preparing students for career readiness.

“There are many people smart enough to split an atom, but not smart enough to shovel their driveway,” said Mark Holodick, Superintendent of the Brandywine School District in Delaware. All of the dedicated attendees at the Delaware STEM Council’s third annual symposium, in the midst of one of the nor … [Read more...]

Customized 3D Printed Brace for Panthers’ Linebacker Could Make Super Bowl History!

The arm brace for Panthers' linebacker Thomas Davis was 3D printed by Whiteclouds on a Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer.

What do you do if you’re a linebacker in the NFL and you break your arm two weeks before the Super Bowl? Well that’s what happened to Thomas Davis, All-Pro star linebacker for the Carolina Panthers. Thomas broke his right forearm in a January 24 game against the Arizona Cardinals, winning him a trip … [Read more...]

Stratasys Custom Materials Development Enables ESD-Safe 3D Printed Aerospace Parts

This avionics box, 3D printed with Stratasys ESD PEKK material, can dissipate electrical charge buildup without relying on post-processing steps to prepare the production part.

Custom Materials Development Enables Printed Parts for Aerospace that are Electrostatic Discharge Safe. ESD PEKK is available on demand from Stratasys Advanced Materials. By Scott Sevcik, Director, Aerospace & Defense Business Development, Stratasys Once a satellite is launched, there is no way … [Read more...]

New Stratasys Creative Colors Software for Connex3: Powered by Adobe, Loved by Designers!


The release of the new Stratasys Creative Colors Software, powered by the Adobe 3D Color Print Engine, is making creatives crazy happy! Designed for Objet Connex3 3D Printers, it combines, for the first time, advanced color management (including gradient colors) with a direct design-to-3D print work … [Read more...]

New Free 3D Printing Modules for Secondary School

A product of the Stratasys Edu curriculum, this ear bud holder design was created from a week-long, beginner-level module.

Educators and STEM instructors are turning to advanced technologies like 3D printing to modernize their classroom curriculum. Recognizing the need for hands-on and project-based learning opportunities, Stratasys has developed seven new 3D printing education modules that are designed for middle and h … [Read more...]

Two Weeks Left to Enter Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge


The  12th Annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge deadline is just over two weeks away, and the momentum continues to build for this year’s competition. As the demand for qualified entry-level engineers, technicians and designers continues to rise, STEM educators are turning to educatio … [Read more...]

Stratasys Helps Create 3D Printing Opportunities for Students in Singapore

Singaporean students learn about 3D printing technology at the Stratasys Singapore office’s 3D Printing Experience Centre.

One of the most exciting aspects of being part of a tech revolution is sparking the minds of the next generation! We know that 3D printing’s capabilities are growing, and we enjoy inspiring students worldwide to hone their skills and innovate, like with our annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challe[Read more...]

Stratasys 3D Printed Surgical Models Prepare Radiologists for Future of Patient Care

Entrevista con Michael Gaisford, director de marketing, Stratasys Medical Solutions Group, sobre el uso de la impresión 3D en varios procedimientos médicos

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting is widely recognized as the country’s largest medical imaging and technology conference. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the 2015 conference highlighted cutting-edge tools and technologies to aid the radiologist, including Stratasys … [Read more...]

You Could Save Lives by Taking the “Oxygen Valve Splitter Challenge”


What do a Mars colony and a refugee camp have in common? Both are situated in low-resource settings, and both are bound to experience unforeseen medical emergencies where it would be logistically challenging to deliver life-saving tools in time. With the right design files, 3D printing has the poten … [Read more...]