Stratasys’ New Endur 3D Printing Material Looks and Functions Like Polypropylene


This week, Stratasys expanded its portfolio of 3D printing materials with Endur, a new PolyJet 3D printing material. Endur has the chemical characteristics and composition to give models and prototypes a polypropylene-like look and functionality, much like the characteristics of standard plastics. … [Read more...]

Stratasys Color Multi-Material 3D Printing: a Sound Idea for Oxman’s Gemini Acoustic Chaise

neri oxman gemini chaise

Neri Oxman, Architect, Designer and Professor of Media, Arts and Science at MIT Lab, in collaboration with Professor W. Craig Carter, Department of Materials Science and Engineering of MIT, has continued to push the envelope of Stratasys color multi-material 3D printing - based on the Objet Connex c … [Read more...]

The Man Behind the Mask: Designer Francis Bitonti on 3D Printed Fashion Fusion

fashion designer francis bitonti

Francis Bitonti, a New York City-based architect and fashion designer, has debuted a 3D printed mask at the Wearable Futures conference in London. The Francis Bitonti Studio has been actively exploring how 3D printed materials and design engineering can be used in fashion. The mask for Wearable Futu … [Read more...]

New Faces at Inside 3D Printing Conference, San Jose


Stratasys attended the Inside 3D Printing Conference in its San Jose, California, incarnation. This traveling 3D printing conference hosted many top industry people, including Stratasys chairman Scott Crump, and included speeches, networking events and cool demonstrations of 3D printing technology. … [Read more...]

Stratasys Gets Tough with Nylon 12

Nykon 12

A new nylon material with the specs to be the toughest in additive manufacturing is a strong reason to take notice. Stratasys chose EuroMold 2013 to launch FDM Nylon 12 for Fortus 3D Production Systems. Designed to optimize strength and toughness while reducing the residual stresses and warp t … [Read more...]

Impresionante 3D Printed Fashion Accessories Created in Colombia


When it comes to fashion, sometimes a special little something can go a long way, especially if you are looking to spice up your style with Latin American accessories. Camilo Alvarez, one of the leading fashion designers in Colombia, has recently come up with some spectacular fashion accessories pro … [Read more...]

Meet the Cellular Shoe: the 3D Printed Multi-material ‘XYZ 151’

xyz shoe, 3d printed shoe

Shoes have a habit of captivating the 3D printing world. From couture designs to a faster sprinting shoe, 3D printed shoes promise a customized “wow” factor along with some conveniences like doubling as a smartphone case. New Zealand-based designer Earl Stewart, who is also the Creative Director … [Read more...]

Japanese Fashion Designer Literally Flexes Muscles with 3D Printing


The “Yuima Nakazato 2014 Collection,” which premiered on July 25 in Minami-Aoyama Tokyo, Japan, features unique neo-futuristic bibs that were 3D printed with the Stratasys Objet500 Connex multi-material 3D Printer. Yuima Nakazato is a 28 year old Japanese fashion designer who graduated from t … [Read more...]

4D Printing: Self-Assembling Parts in Action at TED2013

skylar tibbits, 4d printing, ted 2013, self assembly

Back in February, we brought you a summary of Skylar Tibbits’ groundbreaking TED2013 presentation on 4D printing. Now you can watch Tibbits’ actual TED Talk, in which he describes the use of Stratasys Objet Connex 3D Printers to create self-assembling parts. This TED2013 presentation includes vision … [Read more...]

3D Printed Speakers with an LED Lightshow


A three-person engineering team from Autodesk is getting loads of attention for their amazing creation: 3D printed audio speakers, embedded with LED lights that use an app from startup LumiGeek to react to changes in sound. A multi-material Objet Connex500 3D printer by Stratasys turned this idea in … [Read more...]