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3d printed snow globe

Cool Combo of Stratasys and MakerBot 3D Printing Technologies Rock This Snow Globe

Our friends at Proto3000 have a great dose of holiday cheer! Taking the Canadian winter as inspiration, they’ve created an ingenious 3D printed snowglobe that highlights several different 3D printing materials. The “glass” globe is 3D printed with … [Read More...]


Medical Researchers Use Stratasys 3D Printers to Develop Low Cost, Highly Accurate Surgical Tools

Advanced medical training requires particular tools for specialized procedures. Sometimes this training carries risks to the patients and doctors alike. At the University of Minnesota Medical School, the urology department is taking advantage of 3D p … [Read More...]


Personalize and 3D Print Yourself a Porsche Cayman!

Stratasys 3D Printers are being used by leading car manufacturers to design the latest driving sensations. Car enthusiasts of all ages can now revel in the joy of “owning” a Porsche Cayman. Selected as a 2014 Motor Authority Best Car to Buy, the Caym … [Read More...]

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Dassault Systèmes’ Bleu Travels the 5 Stages of Car Design with Multi-material 3D Printing

When engineers at CATIA/DS wanted to show potential customers how they can prototype an automobile with 3D printing, they took the process to a new level! Showing off the capabilities of their Objet260 Connex Multi-mater[Read More...]

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