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Jetsons Style Car Built Using Stratasys 3D Printed Parts Competes in World Solar Challenge

On Oct. 6, 2013, teams from all over the world flocked to Darwin, Australia, for the start of a cross-country race. This is more than simply an event to test driving skills as they race across one of the world’s harshest continents. This race put 43 … [Read More...]


Stratasys Salutes the US National Manufacturing Day: Additive Manufacturing Means New Efficiencies, New Opportunities

October 4 is a US Annual National Manufacturing Day, when manufacturers and industry groups recognize both the importance of manufacturing to the present United States economy and the possibilities and promise of the future. We’re happy to tak … [Read More...]


New Stratasys White Paper Describes How You Can Produce Tools Without Tooling

Injection molding is a mainstay of manufacturing, used universally to produce parts quickly and inexpensively. But… the process of creating sample parts to evaluate design for performance and fit before mass production isn’t always particularly ef … [Read More...]

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Dassault Systèmes’ Bleu Travels the 5 Stages of Car Design with Multi-material 3D Printing

When engineers at CATIA/DS wanted to show potential customers how they can prototype an automobile with 3D printing, they took the process to a new level! Showing off the capabilities of their Objet260 Connex Multi-mater[Read More...]

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