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How 3D Printing Can Change Manufacturing: Personal, Augmented and Alternative

We at Stratasys heartily concur with Jeremiah Owyang’s conclusions about 3D printing’s impact on business models. 3D printing is beginning to level the playing field for manufacturers of all sizes. Businesses in many industries can compete more effec … [Read More...]

digital abs2 polyjet 3d printer

Stratasys’ New Digital ABS2 Material Puts The Thinnest Parts At Your Fingertips

Digital ABS2 is a new digital material developed exclusively for the Objet Connex line of multi-material 3D printers. Based on PolyJet technology, Digital ABS2 is used to create rigid prototypes with a smooth finish for improved product realism. L … [Read More...]


Multi-Material 3D Printed Fashion Shoes Walk The Walk In Prague

The 3D printed shoe collection by up-and-coming Czech designer, Pavla Podsedniková, was one of the highlights of the Design and Fashion Week in Prague this month, where top Czech and foreign fashion designers presented their work. The ‘Instant … [Read More...]

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3d printed soccer ball

3D Printed Soccer Ball Salutes World Cup

While Pelé might not have been talking about 3D printing when he called it “the beautiful game,” this stunning 3D printed soccer ball (or football depending on where in the world you live ) is a must see. Stratasys pa … [Read More...]

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