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ER Blast from the Past: 3D Printed Running Charger Takes 3rd Place

This post is the first in a series of profiles on previous Stratasys Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge participants and their instructors. To learn more about this year’s competition, click here. School spirit and appreciation for his run … [Read More...]


Halloween Happiness with Mojo’s New Colors and Scarily Sparse Interior Fill

Scratching your head about how to make your Halloween eerily perfect? What if you could 3D print in a wider array of colors, using less material per build, to increase the spookiness of this fun holiday? Well great news for ghouls and goblins: the … [Read More...]

Balloona TN

Watch Wacky 3D Printed Car Crashes at IDSA Competition

What do you get when you mix classic pine wood derby-style cars and 3D printing? “Launch Day” – sponsored by IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) and Inventables! Teams from different engineering and design firms from all over the worl … [Read More...]

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3d printed soccer ball

3D Printed Soccer Ball Salutes World Cup

While Pelé might not have been talking about 3D printing when he called it “the beautiful game,” this stunning 3D printed soccer ball (or football depending on where in the world you live ) is a must see. Stratasys pa … [Read More...]

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