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3D Printed Injection Molds Help Seuffer Slash Tooling Costs By Up to 97%

Even if you don’t know it, you use hundreds of injection molded parts and products every week. The injection molding process is employed by manufacturers all over the world to produce parts in a variety of materials, most commonly thermoplastics. The … [Read More...]


Smaller Than Life: When Museum Visitors Become The Actual Exhibit

It sounds like an episode from the Twilight Zone, but it is really happening at the London Science Museum. Last week the Museum opened its doors to 150 3D printed miniature models of museum visitors. The 3D printed figurines, produced using Stratasys … [Read More...]


KSTP News: 3D Printing a Manufacturing ‘Game Changer’

Proponents of 3D printing know that it’s impacting nearly every sector of the manufacturing world, spanning industries as diverse as aerospace, medical and fashion. But the influence of 3D printing, and the game changing effect it brings, is receivin … [Read More...]

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3d printed soccer ball

3D Printed Soccer Ball Salutes World Cup

While Pelé might not have been talking about 3D printing when he called it “the beautiful game,” this stunning 3D printed soccer ball (or football depending on where in the world you live ) is a must see. Stratasys pa … [Read More...]

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