Objet Donates Incredible 3D Prints to Auction for Youth Charity


If you haven't been there yet, the Holon Design Museum is a unique place. And for last night at least, the stunning post-modernist facade was perfectly set off by its contents - 70 (!) incredible 3D printed art pieces up for charity auction. All the one-off pieces in this video were developed by … [Ler mais ...]

The Craziest 3D Printed Part EVER


Combination of Black and Transparent Materials – 3D Printed on the Objet Connex500 I think this is definitely the craziest 3D printed part that I’ve seen for quite some time. What you’re looking at is a piece of a puzzle that was created on an Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer - a … [Ler mais ...]

Free STL of the Classic Car - Printed on the Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer


One of the great things about having an extremely accurate 3D printer and 7 different materials to choose from is the sheer scope of cool stuff that you can create! In the short clip above we've designed and 3D printed a classic car model that can be assembled by hand using parts printed on the Obje[Ler mais ...]

How We Made the Objet30 Pro Animated Movie

making_of 7

If you haven't already seen this on YouTube then here's the 'making of' clip that I put together while filming the Objet30 Pro movie here at Objet HQ. We spent an entire day - working late into the night, preparing the set, setting up the lighting and various camera angles. One of the main challe … [Ler mais ...]

Introducing the Objet30 Pro - Professional Desktop 3D Printer

Objet30 pro_william

Well, it's the moment we've all been waiting for! Objet today announced the release and launch of our latest desktop 3D printer - the Objet3o Pro. A little bit on the film then: As you can see, I've attempted here to 'break the mold' so to speak on the traditional 'corporate' style films that we … [Ler mais ...]