3D Printing: The Power of a Paradigm Shift (Video)

du design à la réalité

A paradigm shift is defined as a change in one way of thinking to another. It's a breaking down of the old ways of doing things. A transformation. The invention of the first printing press was a paradigm shift. According to academics, one of the funny things about a paradigm shift is that when you'r … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Objet's NEW 3D Printer! Coming to you May 22..


On the 22nd of May we're launching our latest 3D printer. All I can say for now are 3 words: Professional. Versatile. Desktop. Stay tuned to the Objet blog next week for the full launch! … [Read more...]

'Iron Man' Style Phone Glove 3D Printed on Objet Connex


Here's another innovative "design-to-prototype" story enabled by Objet Connex multi-material 3D printing technology:   Bryan Cera is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he's studying for an MFA in Art and Technology. Using the Objet Connex multi-material 3D printing sy … [Read more...]

Fenway Park 3D Printed Model Tours Boston!


Here's the long-awaited finale to the Fenway Stadium centennial story that we brought to you a few weeks back right here on the Objet blog. You'll also find the same story printed today on the ESPN website featuring more photos of the Fenway 3D printed model. In the very cool video above we've ma … [Read more...]

A 3D Printed Dragon in Honor of the Chinese New Year!


Today, Chinese people around the world usher in the Year of the Dragon. We wish all our Chinese friends a Gong Xi Fa Ca! - Mandarin for 'wishing you prosperity'. To honor the new year we've printed this cute Dragon in our transparent 3D printing material (Objet VeroClear). This little guy can be pri … [Read more...]

Growing a 'Living Hinge' with 3D Printing


One of the most fascinating examples of how far 3D printing has advanced is its ability to produce truly functional parts such as living hinges. A living hinge, also known as a flexible hinge, is a thin, flexible piece of plastic that joins two rigid plastic parts or panels together. Living hi … [Read more...]

Welcome to the new Objet blog!

After months of anticipation, we are proud to announce the launch of the new Objet blog.  My name is Sam Green and I’m part of the marketing team here at Objet Geometries. I will be bringing you the latest developments and happenings from the world of 3D printing, rapid prototyping and additive m … [Read more...]