Objet Launches Largest Ever 3D Printer - Objet1000! (Video)

Youtube Objet1000

We're live blogging from Euromold 2012, where Objet have today released their largest-ever 3D printer - the Objet1000. This system features a 1000 x 800 x 500 mm build volume - this is an astonishing 10 times the build volume of the next largest system from the company - the Objet Connex500. [Read more...]

Objet Makes a Flying Visit to Film UK Customers!

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This week is a busy week for Objet's mobile film production department! We've flown into Manchester airport in the UK for a 4-day whirlwind visit of some very special customers where we plan to film and document exactly how they're using 3D printing technology to create and enhance their business. … [Read more...]

Airbus, Predator Drones and Multi-Material 3D Printing


Airbus Concept Plane with 3D Printed 'Sun Roof' There's an excellent article on 3D printing in Forbes this week that's been doing the rounds on social media. The article explores the progress towards full-scale 3D printing for airplanes and examines a 'concept fuselage' for an Airbus pass … [Read more...]