The Jet Car from Buckaroo Banzai - 3D Printed!

jet car_1

I think I must have just missed this growing up. But judging by the trailer, it looks like a cult hit. Our famous Octopod artist, Sean Charlesworth (who's undergrad was in Film and TV by small chance!) has now used his Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer to re-create the iconic Jet Car from the f … [Read more...]

FOX News Check Out Objet 3D Printed Models at SIGGRAPH 2012

fox news_cover

The FOX News clip above was shot yesterday at SIGGRAPH - the show that's dedicated to showing the latest interactive and computer graphics technologies. On display at the Objet booth were three of its printers: the Objet24 desktop system, the Objet Eden260V professional 3D printer and the Objet C[Read more...]

The Incredible Hulk and John Carter Get the 3D Printer Treatment


Maquette of the Hulk. Collaborative design by Marvel and Legacy Effects. Acrylic teeth, painting and fabric pants by Legacy Effects. 3D printed on Objet at Legacy Effects. SIGGRAPH is the digital entertainment industry’s most exciting tradeshow of the year. Held at the Los Angeles Convent … [Read more...]

Actor Gets a Facelift using Objet 3D Printer!


If you've ever considered a stage career and wondered how hard it would actually be, then this video, called 'metamorphosis' clearly shows that its far from a piece of cake. Here, actor Jason Gray-Stanford assumes four vastly different roles within a span of just two minutes. In the last stage hi … [Read more...]