Printing a 3D Printer? Well...Almost

3D printing a 3D printer

  If you follow the 3D printing space for a while then you eventually get to hear some of the less practial or sensible "future" predictions for the technology. Like this one I heard today: 3D printed steak. You'd have a 3D printer in the restaurant and the customer would simply select 'rare' … [Read more...]

A Revolving 3D Printed Ferris Wheel (Video)

ferris wheel cover

It never ceases to amaze people that you can actually grow things like this Ferris Wheel, from nothing, with all the moving parts already assembled together - and simply take it out of the 3D printer, give it a wash and start using it! This little baby was created on the Objet Connex500 multi-mat[Read more...]

3D Printed Fasteners That You Can't Pull Apart! Objet at Euromold 2012

Rotite device

  Rotite device – high surface contact male and female parts that interlock to create strong fasteners and closers We had a nice surprise visit to the Objet booth yesterday. Stuart Burns, technical director from a very innovative company called Rotite paid us a visit to demonstrate how O … [Read more...]

3D Printing the Impossible: A Ship in a Bottle (Video)


Today's Objet vlog post features one of the nicest 3D printed models I've seen from an Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer! The 'Ship in a Bottle' created here features a solid bottle, 3D printed in Objet's Clear Transparent material. And suspended within it we have our traditional sailing shi … [Read more...]

The Jet Car from Buckaroo Banzai - 3D Printed!

jet car_1

I think I must have just missed this growing up. But judging by the trailer, it looks like a cult hit. Our famous Octopod artist, Sean Charlesworth (who's undergrad was in Film and TV by small chance!) has now used his Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer to re-create the iconic Jet Car from the f … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface New Design Benefits from 3D Printing


There's a nice article over on the Verge today by David Pierce that takes an inside look at how Microsoft's new tablet PC - the Surface, was created. What strikes me as unusual is the openness in which companies like Microsoft are now talking about 3D printing. In the past 3D printing was considered … [Read more...]

3D Printing Some Unique iPhone Covers! (Video)

iphone_cover_blog image

Not only was today's video blog post filmed on my smart phone - it also features some unique smart phone cases, designed by Danny Tasmakis and all 3D printed on the Objet Connex system! Check out the tiny inter-locking gear wheels - a testament to the magic of 3D printing and the fine detail accurac … [Read more...]

Turning Computer Animated Characters into Reality using 3D Printing

moritz cover

As we spoke about in this previous blog post, there remain a number of technological gaps between what we know as 3D content and 3D printing. Computer animation is one such area. The video above shows how articulated deformable characters from computer animation can be transformed into real 3D print … [Read more...]

3D Printed Robotic Fan - using Objet ABS-like Digital Material!

robot fan_cover

The Need for Intelligent Personalized Comfort Control By Andrew Payne. Modern architects and engineers face the challenge of creating indoor environments that fulfill the dual goals of user satisfaction and energy performance. Creating an appropriate climate is essential to personal comfort, p … [Read more...]

18 Prototypes of the Human Body - A Look at Neri Oxman's Incredible 3D Printed Works


This past May, I was fortunate enough to see up close Architect and MIT Professor Neri Oxman's exhibit entitled 'Imaginary Beings, Mythologies of the Not Yet' at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.  Her exhibit, which features 18 prototypes of the human body, were all created on the Objet Connex multi-mat[Read more...]