Self Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food - Prototyped on Objet Connex!

Fathom is a California-based product development company with their very own Objet Connex500 and Eden260 3D printers. Just a few days ago they very kindly shared with us a great story about a project called 'Back to the Roots'. Founded by two graduates, Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora, the pro … [Read more...]

Disney Research Light Up the Future with 3D Printing!

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Over at the research department of Disney, they're bringing to life a whole new future for interactive devices using 3D printing, with a little help from Objet's VeroClear transparent material! 3D Printed Bulbs Created in Objet Clear Transparent Material They envision a future where inte … [Read more...]

3D Printing Some Unique iPhone Covers! (Video)

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Not only was today's video blog post filmed on my smart phone - it also features some unique smart phone cases, designed by Danny Tasmakis and all 3D printed on the Objet Connex system! Check out the tiny inter-locking gear wheels - a testament to the magic of 3D printing and the fine detail accurac … [Read more...]

Turning Computer Animated Characters into Reality using 3D Printing

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As we spoke about in this previous blog post, there remain a number of technological gaps between what we know as 3D content and 3D printing. Computer animation is one such area. The video above shows how articulated deformable characters from computer animation can be transformed into real 3D print … [Read more...]

3D Printing in Clear Transparency Pushes New Boundaries!

If you haven't yet created prototypes in Objet's VeroClear transparent material then you're simply letting the best things in 3D printing pass you by. This material is excellent for simulating the visual properties of glassware and PMMA and in terms of popular demand, is one of Objet's fastest growi … [Read more...]

My Latest Desk Gadgets - 3D Printed Gear Cube & Transparent Horse

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I saw one of these 3D printed gear cubes on my neighbor's desk and just had to have one! First off, for those of you who are newcomers to 3D printing, this little device was 'grown' in a single production step and came out of an Objet 3D printer basically as you see it, with no need to assemble the … [Read more...]

A 3D Printed Dragon in Honor of the Chinese New Year!


Today, Chinese people around the world usher in the Year of the Dragon. We wish all our Chinese friends a Gong Xi Fa Ca! - Mandarin for 'wishing you prosperity'. To honor the new year we've printed this cute Dragon in our transparent 3D printing material (Objet VeroClear). This little guy can be pri … [Read more...]

Inside Microsoft's 3D Printing Model Shop!

  Microsoft's user experience designer, Karsten Aagaard shows Joshua Topolsky around Microsoft's very cool product prototyping lab. In this video you can see a total of 3 Objet 3D printers (2 Objet Eden's and a brand new Objet Connex500) that are being used to rapidly prototype the next gener … [Read more...]

Can you Read the Tiny Writing on these 3D Printed Steering Wheels?

  This week's video blog highlights the unique power of multi-material inkjet-based 3D printing. These racing car steering wheels feature rubber-like over-molded hand grips and some really tiny 3D printed writing that remains true and concise even when reduced to miniscule proportions! Als … [Read more...]

2.5 Million Year Old Human Skull - 3D Printed!


These fantastic photographs of a 2.5 million year old human skull were provided by our good friend Gonzalo Martinez, Director of the Strategic Research Office of the CTO over at Autodesk, working with the famous archaeologist Louise Leakey, over in Kenya. He printed the 3D skull model by first sc … [Read more...]