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Top Austrian Services Bureau Takes on Aerospace Part Certification with 3D Printing from Stratasys

One of the bigger challenges faced by today’s aerospace manufacturers is the ability to 3D print parts that are certified for flight. That’s why one leading Austrian engineering and manufacturing service provider is turning to Stratasys for flight-rated thermoplastics and equipment. This helps to facilitate certification initiatives, accelerate overall throughput and reduce per part production costs.

Antemo is investing in a large-scale, industrial-grade Stratasys F900 3D Printer to advance production operations and open new business opportunities. The service bureau hopes to leverage Stratasys’ flight-rated advanced thermoplastics to its expand business in the aerospace industry.

Currently serving a range of customers across industries, Antemo plans to use the F900 to manufacture prototypes, production and small series parts for healthcare, semiconductor and aerospace. The company aims to harness the F900’s ability to 3D print materials for aerospace part certification – adding a new competitive edge to its business.

Noted Martin Brunner, CEO, Antemo, “The Stratasys F900 3D printer offers another dimension to our production with both time and cost savings; it allows us to bypass lengthy and complicated programming, as well as expensive production costs associated with CNC milling. We will now be able to produce customized solutions at a lower cost-per-part and make production more repeatable and reliable.”

(f.l.t.r) Bernd Prettenthaler, Alphacam Austria, Sales Manager, Martin Brunner CEO at Antemo, and Dominik Mueller, Strategic Account Manager at Stratasys, with the newly installed Stratasys F900 3D Printer at Antemo’s office.

The 3D printer’s large build tray was another draw for Antemo, as the technology enables 914.4 x 609.6 x 914.4 mm-sized parts to be built in one print. This extends manufacturing scope by enabling production of larger interior aircraft cabin parts.

Brunner continued, “For the aerospace industry, we see great potential in the F900 3D Printer to expand our production capabilities. When creating interior aircraft cabin parts, the Stratasys ULTEM 9085 resin on the F900 was a particular asset, as it is FST compliant and offers high chemical and thermal resistence. This is ideal for producing lightweight parts on-demand for customers that can be certified for the aerospace industry.”

According to Stratasys Strategic Account Manager Dominik Mueller, the F900 is critical for companies like Antemo to seamlessly integrate 3D printing into existing manufacturing operations. Mueller notes, “With the F900, complex large-scale parts can be 3D printed to customized levels, with material properties that meet the exacting application requirements of a specific industry.”

Want to take the next step and accelerate manufacturing operations with 3D printing? See how Stratasys is powering aerospace to new heights and getting advanced ideas off the ground with its range of aerospace solutions.

Craig Librett

Craig Librett

A 25+-year industry veteran, Craig has written extensively about all aspects of the technology industry. As Senior Public Relations Manager for Stratasys, he is particularly well-versed at communicating the impact of Additive Manufacturing across a broad range of industries. Craig is a graduate of Boston University, with an MBA from Northeastern University.

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